About "Through the Eye of the Needle"

Carlos, a Salvadoran war orphan, escapes to the USA in search of a better life. Forced to join an LA gang in order to survive, his dreams of a better life quickly deteriorate... “Why fall in love with life, if we all marry death in the end? “ In a twist of fate, Carlos is re-united with his father, a rich North American textile mogul, who suddenly dies of cancer, leaving Carlos the company and the entire family fortune. Armed with money and power, Carlos finds himself thrust into a world of corporate greed and deception, and it isn’t long before his gang past catches up with him. But it isn’t until he finds out he is a father himself and sees his daughter for the first time that Carlos finally realizes: 

“Life is only worth living, when you live it for someone else.”

“Through the Eye of the Needle” (TEN) was inspired by the common threads that link the U.S. and Salvadoran history together. Violence breeds violence, hate breeds hate, and the Salvadoran civil war was no exception. Some of the common social problems facing both countries today, from immigration, drugs and gang violence, to sweatshops, famine and poverty, are a direct result of the U.S. involvement in the Salvadoran civil war in the 1980’s. “Through the Eye of the Needle” can, in some ways, be thought of as a visual representation of U.S. foreign policy, and its ramifications around the globe. From all over the world, the stories of most immigrants to the USA share common threads; the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’... Ironically, most people who are fleeing to the USA, are from countries hampered by war tied to the USA to begin with.

It is the filmmakers’ belief that the future of the developed world depends on the future of the developing world, and vice-versa. The filmmakers hope to inspire audiences to learn from the past, understand the present, and work together for a better future, with an expanded consciousness of the whole world that stretches beyond any particular country’s borders. This is particularly achieved through the filmmakers unique style of blending modern music and traditional score, 3D animated sequences and visual effects to tell a unique and gripping story. “Through the Eye of the Needle” is a film about money, love, redemption, and the intricate connections that exist between developed, and developing nations.

Christian Blaze & Crystal-Dawn Rosales - CNC Entertainment Inc. (ca)

Christian & Crystal have been producing, directing and writing their own films for the past 10 years together. They are the same age, yet hail from two very different backgrounds. In 1979, Christian was born in El Salvador, Central America, while 8 days later Crystal was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She grew up attending an art school with interests in the visual & dramatic arts and a love of popular & rock music, while he grew up in both Canada and El Salvador studying computers and electronics. When Chris moved to Canada to study acting & film and Crystal had graduated from university, they met on a VFS film school set and the rest was history. They were married in the summer of 2001 in Las Vegas, NV and have never looked back.

Together, they formed Crystal Insight New Media Inc, and began producing fictional films, including their debut short film “SPANK” (CBC - 2005) and their first feature film “Alien Agenda: Project Grey” (Amazon - 2010). In 2009 they formed CNC Entertainment Inc, and began developing new 3D Stereoscopic camera technology, and in 2011 they released their first 3D short, entitled “Defending Maldito 3D”, which is available online [ free ] via their NVIDIA channel.

CNC have been in development for “Through the Eye of the Needle” since mid 2007, and currently reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a satellite office in San Salvador, El Salvador.

“Through the Eye of the Needle” will be shot in El Salvador and Vancouver, Canada.  The film will be a collaboration between North American and Salvadoran talent.  It is the filmmakers goal to inspire people to visit El Salvador, and inspire more collaborations between the North American and Salvadoran talent.