A list of Companies who have contributed to the project. If you wish to become a Sponsor, please contact us: sponsors@ten3d.com

Guanaco Truck

Guanaco is the Salvadoran catering truck company in Vancouver, BC.  www.facebook.com/guanacotruck Read More... about Guanaco Truck

Just Shirts.ca

Just Shirts (ca) is the clothing producer for TEN3D.com & "Through the Eye of the Needle" swag. www.justshirts.ca

Sponsoring with: first 100 t-shirts to store inventory Read More... about Just Shirts.ca

Crystal Insight New Media Inc.

Crystal Insight is the post-production / new media company for "Through the Eye of the Needle". www.crystalinsight.com

Sponsoring with: post-production office, post-production equipment, post-production personnel, online promotion, web & graphic design services, site maintenance & hosting. Read More... about Crystal Insight New Media Inc.

Luis Mario Magaña (Composer)

Salvadoran composer Luis Mario Magaña is the composer for "Through the Eye of the Needle". Luis previously worked with CnC on the re-making of the original score for "Alien Agenda: Project Grey", and composing & recording the original music for their 3D short film "Defending Maldito". He is located in San Salvador, El Salvador, where he has access to several recording studios.

Sponsoring with: original score, composing, location sound, music arrangement & recording, ADR (El Salvador). Read More... about Luis Mario Magaña (Composer)

CNC Entertainment Inc.

CNC Entertainment is the parent production company for "Through the Eye of the Needle".  www.cncentertainment.com

Sponsoring with: production office, production equipment, camera equipment, 3D equipment, production vehicle, corporate overhead, and production personnel (directors & producers).  Read More... about CNC Entertainment Inc.